Data Analysis on Farmer’s Corporative

Exploratory data analysis and visualization on a farmers’ corporative with report that provides insight into the crops, hectarage, and fertilizers distributed by the Edo state government to farmers according to local government areas and districts.

About Client

Heckerbella Limited, a business transformation firm in Lagos.

Client Goals

The client needs to understand the distribution of resources provided to farmers in Edo State both by LGAs and Districts. To identify where more attention is needed and how to tackle such problems.

Business Challenge

The Client required a detailed and comprehensive data analysis on the trends, patterns and relations on the agriculture sector and farmers in Edo state.


We analyzed 3 datasets in excel file formats which were provided by the client, and it is based on Local Government Areas and Districts (Edo North, Edo South and Edo Central) in Edo state, which contain the quantity and costs of various crops/seeds, fertilizers and crop protection products provided by the government.

The datasets also contained hectarages for both minor and major crops cultivated. Data cleaning and feature engineering were done on the datasets using the Pandas and NumPy python libraries. While the visualization was done using Microsoft PowerBI.

Value Delivered

Through our expertise in data analysis and visualization, the Determinas analytics team provided meaningful insights into the following aspects of the client’s project:

  • Correlation of crop quantity to hectarage size.
  • The total quantity of Crops, fertilizer and crop protection products across LGAs and Districts.
  • Total Land size and biggest farmland based on LGA.
  • Major and minor crops dispensed per LGA per District.
  • Most cultivated District in the state.

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