Transforming User Engagement: The Ask Hannah Chatbot Project

Meet AskHannah, your reliable AI chatbot for all things business.

About Client

Redwood Consulting is a forward-thinking Marketing-tech and business advisory consultancy firm aiming to revolutionize user experiences through AI-powered solutions.

Client Goals

The client aimed to develop an AI-driven mobile app, ‘AskHannah,’ providing SMEs and MSMEs with an intuitive platform for interactive, personalized chats, and one on one sessions offering expert insights.

Business Challenge

The challenge lay in creating a seamless AI chatbot experience, implementing robust backend functionalities, ensuring an engaging UI/UX for user interaction, and integrating social media channels for wider reach.


A multidisciplinary team collaborated to design and develop the AskHannah mobile app. Utilizing GPT-4, a cutting-edge AI model, the team implemented conversational AI capabilities. The backend was built on Node.js, Python/FastApi, and MongoDB, offering scalable, secure storage. The mobile app was developed using Flutter for a seamless cross-platform experience. The UI/UX was meticulously crafted, focusing on the design of the chat interface for intuitive and engaging conversations. Additionally, a standout feature was the booking consultancy session, allowing users to schedule expert consultations directly through the app.

Value Delivered

  • AI-driven Conversations: Enabled engaging, informative interactions via the AI chatbot.
  • Scalable Backend: Deployed a robust backend infrastructure, ensuring reliability and scalability.
  • Cross-platform Mobile App: Utilized Flutter for a consistent, user-friendly experience across iOS and Android.
  • Social Media Integration: Enabled seamless interaction through popular social media channels, enhancing accessibility and user reach.
  • Chat Interface Design: Created an intuitive, visually appealing chat interface for an immersive user experience.
  • Consultancy Booking Feature: A standout feature enabling users to schedule expert consultations seamlessly within the app was introduced.
  • Time Frame: This project was delivered in under three months.


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